SWC Unveils 100Mbps Broadband Wireless Technology

Jun 13, 2018

Fixed Wireless Antenna

Fixed Wireless Antenna

Sacred Wind Communications and its affiliate, Connect 66 Internet, have just provided their first 100 Mbps broadband service using their fixed wireless network to a customer in Juniper Hills, NM. Akin to breaking the sound barrier or Roger Bannister’s breaking the 4-minute mile in 1954, the reliable delivery of 100 Mbps Internet service to the home using a point to multipoint radio antenna is a new milestone for the company and for the industry.

“We’re very excited about this,” said John Badal, CEO of Sacred Wind Communications. “We believe that we are the first in the country to roll out this new service, thanks to the advancements developed by Cambium Networks. Our customers can soon quintuple their broadband speeds at little to no additional cost to them.”

Sacred Wind has been operating a fixed wireless network to provide voice and broadband services to 3,200 square miles of Navajo Lands in New Mexico since 2009 – two years after its inception as an operating telecommunications carrier. In the last several years, the company has expanded its fixed wireless network to reach other unserved rural areas adjacent to its operating territory, including Grants, Milan, Bluewater Village, and now Juniper Hills.

First customer: Larry Rodger, Juniper Hills, NM

“With Cambium Networks’ introduction of its Cambium 450 fixed wireless antenna at the same time as our initiating broadband service in Juniper Hills, we were able to prove the viability and reliability of higher speed service to our customers,“ added Badal. “The cost of the new antenna is similar to what we’ve been paying for our older antennas, and our network has been designed to manage the added bandwidth.”

Fixed wireless networks provide broadband and voice telecommunications services for customers similar to mobile wireless networks, except that the service is “fixed” to the customer’s premise by way of an antenna attached to the structure. The service is therefore dedicated to a customer’s home or office and is more reliable.

“We will begin expanding this new service to other customers in stages, changing out our distribution and subscriber antennas area by area,” added Badal. “Higher broadband speeds will benefit customers using the Internet for learning, needing access to healthcare services, for job searching, and even for entertainment.”