Guide to Online Mental Health Resources

Oct 12, 2020

There’s no denying the tremendous stress many Americans and their families are now facing.

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across the nation, adults are tossed into new roles as work-from-home employees, homeschooling parents and isolated caregivers. Children may suffer in unique ways, removed from their normal routines of school and play and limited in their ability to comprehend — much less respond — to their altered world.

Experts agree these unprecedented times are triggering anxiety, depression and other unwanted mental health conditions in many adults and children alike. Problems with sleep, eating and anger are also being reported.

The good news is many online mental health resources are helping families cope with the stress in new, healthy ways. Here are some resources worth checking out:

Online therapy is an internet-based service that connects you with a mental health professional to help with stress. Therapy sessions are budget-friendly and totally online, meaning you can do it from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Select a therapist that specializes in whatever issue you’re dealing with such as addiction or depression. Many of the services feature therapists who specialize in children and teen counseling.

Which online therapy site is right for you? There are literally hundreds to choose from. We suggest first trying the better-known sites that have track records, user reviews and are transparent about pricing and therapists’ qualifications. Check out BetterHelp and Talkspace.

Maybe you’re not in need of a therapist but would like some help winding down and relaxing. Luckly, many websites aim to help with meditation and mindfulness. Most are available as apps so you can get happier while on the go!

A few good ones to try: assigns simple tasks to get you thinking about gratefulness while teaching stress-busting strategies. offers a huge catalogue of meditation sessions, led by well-known instructors and authors. Pick and choose based on your needs that day. And don’t forget, a subscription-based app that allows you to pick a meditation goal each time, then calms your mind with relaxing music, nature sounds and beautiful natural scenery.

Exercise is a well-documented method to reduce stress while boosting both mental and physical health. But it can be hard to get motivated. And many are still wary of returning to the gym during coronavirus.

A solid alternative is online personal training. These platforms run the gamut. Some feature personal trainers and and fitness coaches who offer one-on-one online guidance and motivation to clients, working out with them in real time. Others offer a catalogue of pre-recorded classes users can pick from.

Looking for a personal trainer on your phone? Kickoff has it via live video, text and app. Into classes? Centr offers a wide range from soothing yoga to blood-pumping Body Pump classes. Help with meal prep is also available. Like to work out with weights? Keelo offers short strength workouts that can be tailored to your experience level.

All are good choices that will help you work up a healthy sweat without having to share gym equipment.

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