Investing In Our Future

Earlier this year we shared exciting news. Sacred Wind has taken an important step to grow our company and better serve you.

We are becoming part of Commnet Broadband, a larger rural broadband provider focused on the Southwest.

The transaction has now closed and we are officially part of the Commnet Broadband family.

Commnet Broadband sees the value in our company and people. We share the same vision, focus on customer care and respect for our employees.

Together, we expect to grow and serve more customers in New Mexico and beyond. Comment has the resources to help us grow and are eager to do so.

By working together, we can expand at a faster pace, invest in our network, facilities, and employees to better serve you.

As our customer, you can expect to receive the same great service from us as you always have.

Our brand, company name and commitment to our customers remains the same.

We value you and we’re excited for this opportunity. Thank you for being our customer.


John Badal

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